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Top PGA Canadian Players

The PGA Tour is one of the biggest and most popular tournaments in the US and North America. It attracts a vast viewership and brings out the big names in the golfing industry. From the ones having played in international leagues, to those who are just beginning to be noticed. Our website not only explains what makes the PGA Tour unique, but it also gives a list of some of the famous PGA Canadian players. Other than mentioning their names, we also do an in-depth analysis of what makes them special, and how their careers as golfers shaped up. This section is a must-read for any aspiring golfer, who needs some inspiration from people who have excelled in the sport. If you are interested in having a general knowledge of golfing, then this list is an interesting addition to your things to know.

Top Golf Courses

What makes golf more interesting, is the expansive and unique courses which host the games. Canada is listed among the countries with the most beautiful scenery, and the golf courses here make things even more interesting. It brings a good mix to a tourist who wants to see different things. We bring you a list of some of the highly-rated golf courses in Canada. We do not just mention the names but paint for you a mental picture of how the golf courses look. You will also find where the courses are located, and for some, the year in which they were set up.

Learning to Play Golf

When you watch golfers aiming for the hole, or when you hear the golf terms being used, you may imagine that it is a very complex game. Part of the ignorance about playing golf stems from a history which made the sport seem like an exclusive game, where people had to get a membership for them to understand the rules of the game. Thankfully, more resources, including this site, have now opened up to teaching people about golf. If you are here in Canada, and you want to learn how to play, we present you with a list of options as to where you can learn. We give you ideas from different places, so you can always find what works for you.

Understanding the PGA Tour

One of the most searched topics for people who are interested in golf revolves around the PGA Tour. This is probably because of how it is hyped and the coverage it receives when it is taking place. Our site gives you all the information you need about PGA tours. You will find the details of the players you should watch out for. You will also get a list of companies and sponsors who get actively involved in the games. These sponsors play different roles, and we give you all those details. You will also find golf courses where it happens.

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