Canada is known for being a top tourist country. Among the things that get people flocking into Canada are the golf courses and clubs that they have. The golf courses are well manicured and they use some of the best golf architects to come up with outstanding layouts.

Top ten golf courses in Canada

1. Highland links

This golf course was set up in 1941 and what makes it rank high among global golf courses is the fact that it is surrounded by ocean and mountains. The scenic view and the cool breeze is something that you would not find in many golf courses. The architect built it to have a look like what is seen at the Scotland Coastline. The ruggedness, different topography, and a 13th hole that cascades are just some of the features players and spectators will see.

2. Cabot links

Based in Nova Scotia, this golf course is fairly new (established in 2016) but it is slowly rising to become one of the best golf courses that Canada has. It has an exclusive golf resort and accommodation with 72 rooms.

3.Tower ranch

This expansive golf course is in Kelonwa and it has a scenic view surrounded by trees and a lot of greenery. It is a 18-hole field and there are many other amenities such as a bar, lounge, restaurant, golf equipment shop and clothing. It might not be in the list of top golf courses in the world but it is definitely worth noting.

4. Fairmont Jasper park

This golf course is in Alberta and it gives a view of the lake and mountains. It also has a resort and lodge. If you are not physically able to visit the many golf courses you can take a PGA tour on your games consle and see what the golf courses have to offer.


This is a golf course and country club that was established in the early 1900s. It has maintained its integrity as a classy golf course and over the years, it has hosted some of the serious championships in Canada.

6. Devil’s paintbrush golf course:

This golf course is associated with the Devil’s pulpit association. The association’s mandate is to ensure that they provide quality services to the members and people who love golf. The Devil’s paintbrush golf course is ideal for about 70 golfers. If you love news on golf, then you have probably watched a golf tournament being held at Devil’s paintbrush golf course.

7.Mt. Bruno golf club

This club is known to be the most expensive golf club in Canada. It has a big golf course where some of the reputable golf tournaments such as the Canadanian open golf are held. It was set up in 1918 and through the years, it has maintained the reputation for being a top exclusive club.

8. Capilano golf club

This golf course if found in Vancouver and it sits on 160 acres of lush land. It overlooks the Capilano river and it also has a popular clubhouse.

9.Muskoka bay

This golf course is famed for the serene environment defined by wetlands, rocks and an expansive greenery. It has many entertainment facilities and it has been recognized for having well maintained lawns.

10.National golf club

The National golf club is found in Ontario and it is all that a golfer can think about. It is surrounded by lakes, trees, hills and a perfect lawn.