Golf is a common sport all around the world. Playing golf is a dream come true for a lot of people. The only problem some people face is finding a perfect place to practice playing golf. Some of the people who love golf have no skill at all and may need an instructor to help them out.

While golfing might appear like just a simple task of slotting the ball into the hole, players need to sharpen their skill greatly in order to achieve this task. Here are some of the best golf training facilities available in Canada.

Musqueam Golf Academy

If you are anywhere around Vancouver City, this is the right golf course for you to learn how to play golf. The academy is a great place to have your family as well as meet new friends. This facility is rated as one of the best training facilities in Canada. Here, you get a chance to be trained by well certified instructors.

The golf academy is known to have one of the largest numbers of female golfers in the country. The great academy is also an extravagant training and golf playing facility. This is due to the availability of the par 60 area, 18-hole golfing area and an area for playing the short game. The club has specific hours of operation which may change if the weather is not favorable. The academy does not change its hours of operation during the holidays. One can easily enroll in the club online through its official website.

Canadian Golf and Country Club

It is situated in the city of Ottawa. It is a private golfing club. The club offers two excellent golf courses. Their west course is respected all over Canada due to its extravagant layout and challenging conditions. People in the club are given all types of services to keep them pleased. The Canadian also has a golfers’ academy where golfers of all levels are offered a chance to train and are offered instructions. This is made possible by the great number of instruction programs offered by the club. It is also known to offer comprehensive training grounds with the chipping greens, bunkers and the full range facility.

Other than just sleeping on weekends, which is healthy, by the way, one can take up golf lessons fro extra fun.

Golf Club Calgary Center

It is situated in Calgary City, Canada. This golfing center is known to offer some of the best training programs in Canada. It also has a great number of well-organized programs that suits all golfers including the beginners. Some of the programs offered include the beginner clinic where inexperienced golfers join to train. Golfers are taught the fundamentals of playing golf by professional instructors. Golfers are given a 6-hour training session with lots of fun.

The club also offers the intermediate clinic which is for the much more experienced golfers looking to sharpen their skills. This program is set to help golfers’ consistency and understand the golfing course much more. The program involves a 7.5 hours training period. Golf equipment required for training is also provided by the club. The seniors’ clinic is a program that has been recently opened by the club. The program is meant to help train the elderly people who are interested in golfing. The center has thus hired an experienced coach to train them.